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Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1982. Lives and works in Buenos Aires, London and Uruguay. He graduated in 2014 in an MA in Fine Art. City & Guilds of London Art School,. He takes part in 2012 in the Summer Course. Painting in Contemporary practice. The Slade School of Fine Art, University College of London. And studied in Buenos Aires from 1998 with Carlos Gorriarena, Jorge Demirjian, and Tulio de Sagastizábal.


Solo Shows

2017: “History of Madnnes” Art on Rivington. New York.

2016: YKW/ART. “Urdimbres, Las Meninas Installation”. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2015: Galeria del Paseo. Punta del Este, Uruguay.

2013: Guatemala Art Space. “Into the Woods”. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2011: Galería Central de Proyectos. “El antídoto del bosque”. Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Selected group exhibitions

2018: ESTE ARTE. Otto Galeria. Punta del Este. Uruguay.

2016: Group Show. Blacks Club by Aretha Campbell Fine Arts. London, UK.

2015: Group Show. Infero by Rook and Raven at Lloyds Club London. London, UK.

2015: Royal Society of British Artists (RBA), “Rising Stars” shortlisted selection group show, Loyd’s Register. London, UK.

2015: Galeria del Paseo, Punta del Este, Uruguay.

2014: A Degree of Darkness. Rook & Raven Gallery. London, UK.

2014: MA Fine Art Show 2014. City & Guilds of London Art School. London, UK.

2013: FERIA EGGO. Galeria Teresa Anchorena, Centro Cultural Recoleta. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2012: ArteBA 12 Zavaleta Lab Arte Contemporáneo. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2011: ArteBA 11 Muestra colectiva, Central de Proyectos. Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Art Residency

2017: Salzburg Summer Academy (Paulina Olowska and Bernhard Martin)

2015: Selected by Hooper Projects. Los Ángeles.



2014: Harriet Anstruther Prize MA Award for Excellence




My practice is predominantly concerned with exploring the limit of figuration and abstraction. Focuses on the relationship between colour and shape, intertwining hard and soft brushstrokes, playing with light and shade to create a reality ‘which is almost fantasy’. My works come to life, as if the brushstrokes, colours and light were already existent, arising from the unconscious.

Working with figurative interiors using a monochromatic palette, these interior scenes represent a timeless universe, everything is suspended, as to begin or end. The presence of objects involves evoking an emotional weight to a past. These objects coexist in this scenario and these characters that inhabit it, are in a simultaneous relationship of time and space.


Sometimes those objects and interiors came from my past, my childhood, and sometimes I find this scenes in my present, and immediately remind my past, like Proust`s Madeleine. Thus the representation of a domestic interior allows me to explore my internal world, or my perception of the external world and how this effects my paintings. While the space and the monochromatic palette is also important to reduce the essence of the picture. The images appear to diffuse, but recognizable. Is a mystery, and with this intrigue I try to wake on the viewer a new perception.


By using and manipulating different hues of one colour to produce a sensation of unity, that close this world in a general colour, and that produce the autonomy of this colour. I experiment with the idea of colour so as to produce a loss of consciousness, a lapse, a descent, intoxication. In my work all is diffuse, is on the same mood, is unreal, I try to produce the effect of confusion as if the viewer is under the effect of some external agent.



To see the complete work click here.

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